STORYTELLER WILL ARRIVE at your home, office, or local pub—any place that provides a suitable and comfortable recording environment. Our recording device is the much-lauded Zoom H4 Digital Field Recorder. The Zoom’s innovative stereo microphone allows for the most modern and inexpensive way to record quality interviews in the MP3 format.
  After the interview, we take the recording and burn you personalized CDs—on the spot. Suddenly, you have what you had always thought about having: a recording of a friend, family or accomplice (from which you can make copies!). It may sound great a few months later, but just think about how it will sound to you and your descendants five, ten and even fifty years later.
  STORYTELLER believes in supporting legacies. Your subject’s oral history is your history, too. Get them telling their story.

WE CAN LEAD THE interview, or you can lead the interview (sometimes an “outsider” is a better person to interview a subject). Other times, the rapport a person has with a subject puts them in a better position to ask the questions. And your subject needn’t be an English speaker. After we set up the recording device, all a Storyteller needs to do is tell their story. We simply record it.

IN THE TRADITION OF the American folklorist John Lomax and family, and the likes of John Peabody Harrington of the Smithsonian Institute, STORYTELLER believes that concentrating on the spoken word aspect of peoples’ stories allows the listener to evade the distraction of video-taped “talking heads” and images (that’s why there is an ear in our logo). Not that we’re image-phobic: STORYTELLER also archives photos, letters, films and video tapes.

For more information and pricing, call STORYTELLER at 415.664.7509, or email We’ll make it work for you.

“Don’t just wish you had done it.”

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