The so-called Sirenas Island Fox stamp was issued by the U.S. Post Office
in 2001. The island of Sirenas is located just 12 miles from the coast of
El Fornio and is inhabited by a dwindling number of indigenous foxes.
With the Latin name Vulpes sireniis, these secretive and diminutive creatures
(they are practically the size of the Mexican Chihuahua) have managed
to survive on their small island even into the modern age.
To see an Island Fox, it is said, is to be blessed for a life time.
No wonder that many a group of mainland school children
have ventured out to the island through the years to catch a glimpse
of one of El Fornio's oldest inhabitants.

Fox illustration by Professor Gary H. Brown, UCSB, Department of Art Studio

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Professor Gary H. Brown

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