ISSUED BY THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE in 2001, these stamps commemorating the Black Dogs of El Fornio pay homage to a distinct breed known on the West Coast. Although not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, that status may change.
 The Black Dogs are thought to be a mix between an indigenous hunting dog used by the Fornay Indians and a Scottish Terrier-Australian Shepard mix left behind by a trading vessel in 1806. Captain Michael McCrea, an avid dog lover, was skipper of the Holly Hag, and his logs show that during a stop in the summer of 1806, three of his favorite dogs escaped the ship and were not found by the time Captain McCrea reembarked.
 The Black Dogs are famous as hunting and herding dogs, exhibiting keen wit and extreme loyalty. Many modern day Fornay Indians breed and sell the dogs throughout the country. "Duff," the dog made famous in the Hollywood production of The Trails of El Fornio (1952), was an El Fornio Black Dog.



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