JOHN GRAHAM IS A WRITER, visual artist, and researcher.
His work has appeared at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Castro Theatre, Frumkin Duval Gallery at Los Angeles’ Bergamont Station.
He received his BA and MFA from UCSB.
As an illustrator and author, Graham is the creator
of “The El Fornio Story Cycle” and its historical society,
detailing the happenings of a fictional city and county
on the California coast.

"144 Vignettes About El Fornio, CA" plus
Who Stole Junipero Serra's Heart in a Jar? and
The Reeducation of a Turd Peddler
by John Henry Peabody
are part of that story cycle.
For more information on El Fornio, California, visit:



My First Car

The Ocean

The Popcorn Machine

The Stations of the New Yorker

A Proposal to Catch a Cruise Missile
with My Teeth

Going to the Giants' Game with
My Heckling Brother:
Or How the Right Little Girl
Shut My Brother Up

Bangor International

Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
on the High Plains of Colorado

Duck Hunting on a Cold Morning

"Yes, It's a Heart. In a Jar."
Article for Expo for the Artist & Musician
September 10, 2005

The Medium History of El Fornio
The Introduction and Other Content


Charles Linder at Gallery 16

Japanese Woodblocks: Hiroshige and Hokusai
at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum

“UC Nurses Deliver Thousand of Protest Cards
to UC President”

UC Renal Center Up for Sale

Raising Consciousness at the Center for Gender Equity

Some Thoughts on the `M' Word
"The Dissolution of the UCSF-Stanford Merger


Cluster Tomato Beef Chunk Oregano Soup
with Heaping Parsley

On Eating Mallow and a Note
to a Good Friend

Four Great Wines


Excerpt of The Charmed Life
published by Spectrum Magazine

Excerpts from
The Reeducation of a Turd Peddler

Excerpts from Who Stole Junipero Serra's
Heart in a Jar?

The El Fornio High School Moors
and TV Star Ward Craven

© Copyright 2010, John Graham



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