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Social Issues
Elfornio is very much interested in the betterment of the society. Hence we make it a point to take up some social issues and contribute to our level best.
Society Improvement
It is not out of option but out of a desire that Elfornio is contributing to the society in every way possible for its improvement.
Trust To Serve People
A separate trust has been formed, to meet people’s needs in various aspects like health, education and a lot of other things.

About Our Society

The California Historical Society is one of the oldest in the country. In an endeavor to serve people and preserve the culture, the California Historical Society was started.

Insights of EL Fornio

We have dedicated team working round the clock to improve the society and contribute it for the betterment. We also have volunteers all over the country who help us out in our various endeavors.

Culture and Tradition

The culture and tradition is a country or community is what that sets them apart from others. There are a lot of traditions that have been forgotten by many people around the world. El Fornio is in pursuit to preserve the rich culture and tradition of various communities.

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We appreciate volunteers join in our society

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Easy Ways To Improve Yourself And Make The World A Better Place

It takes a conscious effort from just one person to change the world, but the thought process often clashes with the fact that they’re the only one following this and hence, they might get the impression that it is not enough. But the truth is if that same mentality is adopted by everyone in the world as it only takes just one simple act of kindness from each of us to make the world a brighter place to be in.

While making the world a better place, it is important that you also get some time to take care of yourself. Here are some easy ways through which you can improve both yourself and the world.

1.      Dignity and humanity


You will come across people in your day to day life where they might be in places where they do not wish to be in. It is important to realize that the choices they made and their current situation is only the result of their own actions. Although this has an ounce of cynicism in it, what makes this important is the fact that their actions and circumstances do not make them less worthy of respect. They, along with everyone, deserve to be treated with equal amount of respect that you’d give to anyone else in the world.

2.      Volunteer at schools


It hardly matter if you are a working citizen or a student yourself. Everybody needs to understand that the children have the power to shape in the future. But in order to provide and in turn, enable them with the right tools, they need to be tutored. This can be done by volunteering for after-school programs as this would give them a life skill with which they can earn a livelihood.

3.      Mistakes

There are times where you make a mistake and make the error of not admitting them. Admitting your mistakes can change relationships for the better and can possibly take it to a direction that is new. Not everyone is entitled to knowing you have acknowledged, you only need to let the people that matter know that what you’ve done is wrong. You also need to ensure that the same mistake isn’t repeated again.

4.      Intensity

time to time

If you have found what you want to do in life, make sure to crank the intensity up from time to time. This means being stronger, wiser or even putting more into what you are working on. Put your a little extra heart and soul into whatever you do and find the motivation to do more after you have done contributing.

Things You Can Do to Contribute to Society and the Environment

The society and the environment are very fragile components of our world, and in order to make them both better, people must work as a collective. But for people to act collectively, individuals must first act to set an example for others to follow.


Even something as small as a charitable donation can go a long way in making someone’s life better. Here are some way through which can make the society and environment better places to be in.

1.     Recycling

The subject of recycling is one that is extremely broad since there are many programs that are run by both the public as well as the private sector. But as ordinary people, there are more measures that you can take to address the problems caused by inefficient waste disposal. Since most of the above-mentioned institutions make use of technology that is very advanced, all we need to do is pick pieces of trash that can be recycled. Make sure to never burn objects that are hard since they often contain elements that are extremely toxic to both the environment and people.

2.     Green web hosting

A trend that has been set by web hosting companies is green web hosting. In this method, servers are optimized to only use renewable energy as power. For web designers/developers, this is an excellent option that will help you reduce carbon footprint. But there are web hosts that claim to be green where in fact, they are not. It is essential to identify which ones are genuine and which ones are not. Pricing is an essential element when it comes to identifying true green web hosting services. They are often cheaper than regular web hosting services.

3.     Planting trees


Planting trees can help in the healing process of the wounds left by the depletion of the ozone layer. There are groups dedicated to planting trees or even activities devoted to just this. This can help significantly due to the fact that trees are responsible for the absorption of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and in turn, release oxygen.

4.     Clean surroundings

A very simple, yet effective way through which you can contribute to making the society and environment clean is by maintaining your surroundings. This also means maintaining the city that you live in as well. Whatever objects that are made artificially often contain toxins that may be responsible for the contamination of water, air or even soil.